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My Google does not start or turn on

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Disconnect your Google from any electronic device

If your Google is connected to a computer, internet box or any other electronic device, it is advisable to disconnect it. It is possible that your Google can not start or start due to software incompatibilities. In that case, the solution is to unplug the USB cable from your phone.

Remove the battery from your Google

Another possible solution to this problem is to remove the battery from your Google. This is a simple and effective solution if you want to start your Google.

Perform a factory reset to start or start your Google

Resetting to the factory settings will allow you to reset your phone to its original state, as you found it when removed from the box, always from the software's point of view. If you have had viruses or have installed unwanted applications, this may be the best solution to start or start your Google. To restore the factory settings of your Google, take a look at the manual of your phone or call a professional. This will allow you to make sure that all the steps have been carried out correctly. Be very careful or you could lose all personal data stored on your mobile. Be sure to make a backup before resetting to factory defaults.

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