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the process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly.

For some time (months actually) ago I can not save contacts on my phone, a Motorola XT316 with Android 2.3, wanting to save a new one immediately says "Sorry, The process android.process.acore stopped unexpectedly. Please try again "and tells me to force close, so does the want to see my contacts (if I enter the application and see the list, but want to see the details of any closed) nor edited.

I do not remember when the problem started, my phone is rooted with Link2SD (since the internal memory is ridiculous and it was a headache to have more than 3 applications), outside of that I have not done more "rare" and I doubt that has caused the problem.

Does anyone have any idea? If anyone can help I'd appreciate it :)

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Hello, I have exactly the same problem for several days. This message only appears when I try to access my contacts but does not prevent me to call or send messages. I have not tried to empty the application data contacts, first because I do not know how :-), and then because I would first like to know if this will make me lose my contacts, I would rather avoid ... Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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The solution:
Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications –> All (button on the top that lets you see all applications) –> scroll down to “Contacts Storage” –> Click on “Clear Data”.

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I am not reassured by this solution ... but you'll have to try:

"Settings" >>> "Applications" >>> "Manage applications" >>> "All Applications" (tab) >>> "process android process media" >>> "Clear Cache" and "Force the stop"...

In general ... in this list of applications ... one we have reported to you the judgment as picture the logo of android ... or a sheet with a gearing up ... In short the kind of something that nobody dares touch ...

I want to you reported again that I am not very reassured by this operation ...
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Too scared to clear data as I may lose all contacts
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