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I can not install apps from Itunes to my 4S (help)

Good morning, a pleasure, this is the first issue that I participate and ask the help and expertise of all of you. I have a 16GB 4S, No Jailbreak, has installed the Ios 7.0.4 and has no cracked application installed; now the problem is that through Itunes downloaded two applications (games) and when installing them, shoot me a message that the computer is not authorized and bla bla (I know you already know this post) Well, I authorize I want to synchronize and reroll the message again and again. Looking internet solutions remove all authorized computers, delete the Whatsapp allegedly had been causing problems, restart both equipment (Cel and PC) Verify that users were the same on both computers, remove administrator permissions and delete a folder on Itunes in program files (Recommended Apple Support) Try to synchronize Wifi And more attempts to make me still pulling the same message, so I can not sync anything.  and thank you very much in advance.

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run  itunes as administrator and then Authorize

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Thanks and sorry duplication, I thought I had not opened successfully since not find it, so I went back to do.
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Nothing, I just tried that and I again request authorization
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I take away the authorization to all teams and would give permission
From iTunes you can do
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Thank you very much for the help, and the authorization to remove all equipment and anything
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