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Many times we read that the best to be root in Android is to change the ROM for some more optimized for our terminal, as Cyanogen or MIUI . It is true that one of the main attractions to be root is to change the ROM , but is it worth being root without changing ROM ?

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The answer, from my point of view, yes, definitely. And to explain I will detail some of the things you can do on an Android as root, without implying no change ROM .

First, how to be root

For starters, it never hurts to mention how to be root. Much depends on the terminal, but lately the best method, if the terminal is supported, is used unlockroot .

With this application will succeed have root in a lot of terminals ( the list is long ) simply by pressing a button . It is also possible to reverse in case you want to stop being root, for example to send to qualified service personnel.

Busybox, essential for a lot of things

The next thing to do to gain access to the most interesting applications is settling Busybox , which is nothing but the most common tools for Linux, Android.

For this there are several apps on Android Market that make our life much. A free, it works great and takes up little is Busybox Installer . Once installed, open it and we select to install the latest version of Busybox.

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System Cleanup, management applications installed in / system

We recently spoke system partitions for Android , and the limitations he had. Well, being root we can skip some of these limitations. For this there is an interesting application called System Cleanup .

With this application we can make three very interesting things: first, uninstall applications that come standard in our Android . As we know this frees space / system, so the only thing with this is that we stop bothering those applications you never use. For example, I use Tweetdeck and uninstalled official Twitter and Facebook applications because they were redundant.

The other thing we can do with System Cleanup is moving system applications date back to / system . For example, if we have updated Google Maps, this application will occupy space on / system (the original application) and / data (updated). We can move the date to / system and achieve win space on / data. Many times you have to restart the phone to get things working properly after a few applications move back to / system.

The third thing we can do with System Cleanup is removing unused portions of the dalvik cache , a temporary space used by the Java virtual machine to run Android applications. Over time the footprint goes up, and not recovered. Many people say that the best way to eliminate this space that will "disappear" is to do a wipe occasionally, but do not go that far. Clearing the cache dalvik unused occasionally is enough.

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Titanium Backup, backup our application data

Titanium Backup allows us to make backups of your applications and data . Although there are other alternatives Titanium Backup is unique in its kind. Also, the application is free and allows the backup to Dropbox or other tasks like moving apps to SD. I personally find it an essential app for any Android user.

Also, this is the previous step to change ROM , but even if we want to change ROM is very helpful. For example, we can have our copy of all applications and data, and if we lose the phone or if it is damaged, restore everything as it was in a new terminal.


If you have a Samsung terminal you do not have this problem, but Android in general need to be root to take screenshots (up Ice Cream Sandwich). As root can install applications to take screenshots.

A good alternative is aScreenshots , which also allows you to take screenshots by simply pressing one second the search button.


Being root can do interesting things in Android, not only change ROM . That is why I think it's worth doing just to do things that I mentioned earlier. And it is essential if we want to make the leap to a new step ROM . We will have full control of the terminal and that is always appreciated.

As mentioned here once, often just want to be root or show we can say we are. But if we can do something useful with it, much better. I hope you has encouraged rootear your terminal .

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