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I tried to repair a Samsung S6 by using odin and smart switch (the latter was not possible because the cell phone has already been flashed on more than one occasion)

I have downloaded firewares from the mentioned model, I have tested in the odin v. 3 and 3.12.7

I have had answers like "fail" and "set partition?" I tried to copy the twrp by Odin and the cell in downloader mode and I get fail in the odin
I really do not know how to operate, I follow the YouTube tutorials and some other forum and without any results, could you help me?

PS: The Odin throws me an ID: COM de com: 16 (I do not know if it's any good)

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Redownload the rom from another page. Check that the downloaded file matches in space with what the page that weighs the file tells you. It is the maximum that I can contribute. Sometimes the error is from the file that is corrupt or has been downloaded incorrectly.

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Hello! I just downloaded the android7 from the same page on samsung

I tried it in odin 3.10
error file "hidden"
I remove it from the rom, I fly it to join
new attempt
"system" error
is not the first time that happens in that order and with other versions of odin, any suggestions?
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