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One of the first things needed to change our device is unlock the Bootloader. You need to get root permissions, install custom ROMs generally change our terminal. But what is the Bootloader?
In this post Joan explains that the Bootloader is an essential element of our device. We also explains that it is independent of the main system and starts by itself. But most importantly it is he who verified that everything is correct, you can start the system.
For example if we want to install a modified ROM, the bootlader should be blocked, rejected the installation as it will detect that it is not an official rom. Why it is so interesting to unlock it. This brings us to the next point.
Unlocking the Bootloader of a Nexus Nexus-7-tablet
First of all you have to consider a few things:
This will erase the entire contents of our device
If we consider that when we unlock the bootloader, we can access the guts of the device, security will force us to erase all content, as is always advisable to keep a backup.
Tambe should know that:
You will lose the warranty of your device !!!!!
If you request a guarantee in Bootloader unlocked you reject it, since you've been fiddling with the device. But we can always reverse the process, ie lock it again.
But above all remember that:
wikitechsolutions not responsible for any destruction to happen to your Android
So let the mess:
  1. Activate the options of development, for it will get to Settings> Phone Info, descend to Build number and will press 7 times the number. The system will warn us that have enabled the development options.
    Back to Settings and there we enter the new menu. Inside find and activate the USB Debugging option.
  2. We connect our device to the computer in ADB mode, if configured not have the drivers you can check how to do it in your system from here.
  3. Once we installed a method to connect by ADB, use this command to reset our device in bootloader mode.
    adb reboot-bootloader
    If all goes well, our device started in Bootloader mode, remember that in OSX or linux should put ./ before the command to run.
    4-Locked - How can see in the bottom LOCK appears STATE us. Send the following command to request the release.
    fastboot oem unlock
  4. One indicating if we unlock the bootloader screen appears on the device, change from no to yes using the volume keys and confirm with the button. Remember that this process deletes the contents of the device!
  5. Now we can see how our device is unlocked. Our appear in this way, with the LOCK STATE - unlocked:
  6. image
As block Bootloader
The Bootloader can be relocked with just a command from ADB mode.
Send it to the device:
fastboot oem lock
This does not erase us our device, but when we need it unlocked, we will have to delete it.


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