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I take a lot of business pictures, and the massive resolutions available make it a pain to move pictures, send pictures, etc.  I am having to use Irfanview to change pictures down to 640 x 480 size, sometimes on 25 or 30 pictures for sending to home office!

I know that I can attach pictures and send from the phone, however I have to drive up town to get a signal after I am home!!!

Thanks very much for any quick solutions, or how to find in any Samsung manual.

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The camera settings Galaxy S4 is done through the menu and then click Settings or by pressing the icon with Gears on the right side. In the menu you can choose, among other things, the definition of the photos or video; face detection, the GPS position is stored, white balance, etc.

The shortcuts can change some of these settings directly. The first time you use the menu .Some ideas are: put the flash automatically activate the GPS, choose the photos are saved in the smartphone or on the memory card and download the video resolution to 720p.


Samsung Camera Menu

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