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How to reset Windows password

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How to reset Windows password
Forgot the password to enter Windows? Do not worry, we have a very simple program to reset the password and not have to format the PC.
What to do if you forget your Windows password.
Recover Windows password with Recover My Password.
Deleting the key to logon to Windows.
How to reset Windows password
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How to reset Windows password
What to do if you forget your Windows password
Create a password for the Windows logon is a good idea if we want to prevent us check ourselves and see what we do, we downloaded from the Internet or pages visited. This is useful when sharing a computer in our house.
The problem appears when we forget that password, and retrieve is much more complicated than if we lost the key to an email address.
Recover Windows password with Recover My Password
If you lost your logon password Windows, Recover My Password is the solution. This application does not retrieve the key, but if the reset, deleting the account and preventing have to format the hard drive to a new facility.
The program is free if its use is personal; if you need it as tool support in a company, its cost can exceed $ 100, depending on the option chosen. It works under Windows XP, Windows 7 and even Windows 8.
Deleting the key logon in Windows
Once the program is installed, we need to create a boot disk. To do this, we go where it says "Burn Bootable CD / USB Disk Now" and choose if we want a reading through a CD or a USB memory. Finally, click on "Commit" to continue. Note that if you choose the second option will erase everything you have in your pendrive.
If you can not enter Windows because you have a unique key and you forgot, do this procedure on another PC.
Connect the device or CD to start formatting. The program will create the boot disk; when finished, click Finish, and remove it. Now, start the PC and make sure from the BIOS is configured to boot from a USB stick or CD / DVD. Connect the USB memory or CD and when detected, press Enter. So you can easily identify the file bearing the name of "Lasasoft Live CD (EMS Enabled)".
The program will start charging information at the end, you must click Next (Next) to proceed with resetting your password. The Windows (or more if any) will appear, choose the right and click Next.
Finally, click Reset / Unlock to completely erase your Windows password, and now you can enter and create a password again if you wish.
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If you want to change your password, you can press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and then click Change a password.

If you forget your password and need to reset the password, you can try Windows Password Buster. This software could help you create a password reset disk.

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