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Good afternoon everyone,
First of all, I tried to put the message in the most correct forum that I found. In case of being located in the wrong forum, I am sorry in advance.
After an accident with my galaxy SIII, I am using my old S2 + galaxy. this galaxy came with android 4.2. After two years of use the phone began to lock more and more, turn off only and go slow and stumbling even nothing else to do a hard reset.
Yesterday I did rooteé and I put the version CyanogenMod 12.1-20160115-UNOFFICIAL-i9105p

My surprise is that the mobile works super good, light, fast without bugs without errors and it seems new! So I'm going to shoot with him. What I can not do is calibrate the battery .... It worked badly before, only with the android 4 when it reached 5% it turned off, and now it goes down in fits and starts and can be 2 - 3 hours at 1% without turning off. That is, the battery holds the day to spare, but does not mark it correctly.

I tried using applications and codes to calibrate the phone, but all of them tells me that I must be root, and I can not use them (Something I thought I had already done, since I used the Odin to root it and then install the android 5.1) . I tried to do it with programs without root (It does not work in my case) and manually emptying the battery 100%, loading 100%, disconnecting the cable, reconnecting it, etc ...) I tried to access the file that android saves with the record of the battery to reset it, but I can not access it xq says that I'm not root .... Restarting the phone in recovery mode I do not have the option of wipe battery in the advance menu either ...

Do you know any specific application for this version that works to calibrate the battery?


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Hello , have you tried the Samsung sequence * # 0228 # and the "Quick Start" option?
You do not have to be root. The only thing is that I do not know if it really is something from Samsung or from the stock it brings and how you have changed the rom ... but you can try it.

1- Load the mobile to the top. (Make sure well).
2- Press on the keyboard the sequence that I mentioned above (* # 0228 #)
3- Disconnect the charger and give Quick Start (it will turn off the screen and it will turn on again) and you will almost certainly see that the percentage of load that indicates you LOW and enough and that is that the battery is decalibrated.
4- Get out of that mode and put the charger back until you dial 100% again and repeat the process. Surely lower the% somewhat less but go back down.
5-You have to repeat the process until once given to Quick Start does not move 100%.
6-Once achieved the 100 after giving that last time to Quick Start, you should let it go off completely only for lack of battery so that the file "battery stats" is overwritten with 0% and 100%.
7-Once phone turned off due to lack of battery ... connect the charger, let it charge 100%, turn it on and tell us how it works.

P.D: It is a process in which it takes to upload and download but without being root or with a modified recovery to make wipe battery little else occurs to me.
P.D2: To do step 6 faster, leave the screen always on and use it a lot so as not to die in the attempt since during those loading / unloading cycles you can not load it.

P.D3: Although the phone is old, I have not told you to change the battery because you say it lasts the whole day and it seems that it still has life.

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