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Fix: "The application is not installed on the phone"

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Application not installed 

Once you are clear about why this error may appear on your phone or tablet, you can read the methods to permanently solve the error message "The application is not installed on the phone":

  • First of all, they should go to Google Play Store
  • Now they should look for the name of the application and click on "Download"
  • Once you click on Download, the application will be downloaded and installed on your cell phone. That is all.

Note: If the application is already installed on the device, go to the Google Play Store and click on "Update". This could solve the problem, since older applications may be restricted in certain permissions.

Android application not installed

Although it seems simple, this is the only and most effective solution, since they would be downloading the original and native components of the application. It is not recommended to download applications from external sources, since many have been modified and some contain viruses. If you present this error after presenting this solution, then you can leave a comment in the section below so we can help you in another way.

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