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Hello friends, I have a question and got me thinking ... 
I've been two months without updating my Arch and I see super cool and smooth. However I want to update to see improvements put in my environment (KDE) and other things. But if I were told it update could "break" many things and surely could not start Arch but I could probably fix it if investigated, etc. The problem is that I can get to fix things that break the update ... I do ??update ?? arch is for me ?? change distro ?? I'm not one to update daily and stuff ...

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by what you wrote in the last paragraph I would change almost without hesitation Debian distro for example ... about not update, and if, if those updates are patches for security holes, otherwise the install, of course " these endangered "guess the most recent unpatched should be the bash, you could" upgrade parts "but is tedious work, on the other hand did not tell you who you're going to break everything, and finally, I'm sorry to tell you, but I do not see the profile of a user Archlinux (I mention that if you refresh the page should look Archlinux, the latest updates require manual user intervention)

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Thank you very much, I see that Arch is not for me (A pity, is very fluid), in fact I'm new, these two months without updating are time I've ever tasted Arch. The install went his fluency with the environment and applications. (I am a normal user, office work, watch series, listen to music and play). I will seek another distribution that is appropriate for me. As for Debian never managed to urge, in fact I see it more difficult for ArchLinux xDD (and should be alcontrario not?), In some Statutes says to change certain things to q your pc is compatible with, like wifi, printer, etc. In arch was simply placing commands in the installation and already, I made ‚Äč‚Äčautomatic. Anyway ... As I said buscare another distro support me (a ubuntu and gave him many opportunities and always desepciona me). Thank you very much for your answer. PS: Can anyone tell me without Mint is more stable than Ubuntu ???? :) Greetings
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If you like Arch, you should definitely try Manjaro :) :)


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