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How to Lock Whatsapp with Password

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Using WhatsApp Lock
Download and install Whatsapp Lock is simple. Like any mobile application, you can find it in the app store. When opened for the first time, it will ask you to input a four digit pin which will be your security key.
If someone wants to see your Whatsapp must enter the pin. If done incorrectly, the program crashes and takes a picture of the person who made the attempt. This is great to know who was the curious who wanted to enter without your permission.
By default, the application crashes instantly that you stop using the messaging system, but these values can be modified, or delayed for as long as you think necessary.
Other alternatives to this application are Block and Lock access for WhatsApp WhatsApp
Key features WhatsApp Lock
It is totally free and has versions Premium or pay
Captures the intruder who wanted to enter history, a very interesting and ideal for couples suspicious function.
Includes advertising (is understandable in the case of a free application)
Its design and interface is very simple
It uses very few resources and memory


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