ps4 - the usb storage device is not connected error

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asked Dec 6, 2014 in Sony by raman rahman

one morning I woke up and turned on my ps4 , then it said you need to get 2.03 version from a usb storage device and I did it then it said te usb storage device is not connected I cant do anything can you please help
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2 Answers

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answered Dec 7, 2014 by osky (130,080 points)

Make a backup of stored data using a USB storage device or online PS +. Go to [Settings]> [Initialization]> [Initialize PS4] and tries to initialize the PS4.
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answered Dec 7, 2014 by connor (17,110 points)

You will have to reinstall the update as if you are installing a new hard drive. Sucks because you are going to lose everything you didn't save

commented Nov 19, 2015 by marvin
would you mind tell me more details on how to reinstall update pls...
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