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I bought a Sony xperia Z1 to a private individual with a box and accessories all new and it worked well for me, until after three months or so I called and I got a mobile network unavailable, so I I took the Sim or rebooted the phone and it worked ... but now since January, the phone no longer taking out the Sim or restarting it works to make calls, it only serves to use the rate I have on the Internet ... if you can give me a solution I would appreciate it.


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I do not believe it, that it was blocked by imei, if it lets you access the internet but not calls could be a possibility.


Try the card in another terminal and another card in your sony to rule out card errors.

If I gave you an error, the card with a duplicate would solve it, but if it happens with any card and it is from the terminal, you will have to contact who will sell it to you so that you can use the guarantee and send it to repair.


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