How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2018)

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How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2018)

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Android default method Like many other Android devices, you can take a screenshot of your Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2018) using the Press and hold both the power AND Home keys simultaneously for aprox two seconds the shutter will fire and screenshot will appear pn the screen. If you press power THEN Home Button the screenshot will not work.


Method 2 

To use this method, you must first ensure that the setting of palm movement is activated in device.For this, go to

Applications -> Settings -> Controls -> Palma Motion (enable) -> Screenshot (enable) .Now when you. ッ re on the screen you want to capture, all you need do is place your palm on the right side of the phone, so that you. ッ re verticalmente.

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