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How to disable child mode if forgot password?

Help the good advice, the child managed to include a children's regime and he introduced some figures, of course he does not remember, the phone does not work and get out of the children's mode is not possible, what to do? opportunities to move to the service center there, so as abroad. Phone Samsung Galaxy mini 5s with 2 sim

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In this situation, you need to either do a master reset, or to find firmware for your device and re-ask. Thus all the user data in memory will be deleted.
Regarding the total discharge it under your model - no information. But you can follow the general guidelines:
Turn off your device. You need to get in rekaveri menu. Typically this is achieved by simultaneously pressing several (usually 3, but may be two) keys: volume keys, menus, and inclusion. Try different combinations of their own.
When you see the rekaveri menu, find and select the item Wipe data / Factory Setting. Then confirm Yes - delete all data. Then select Reboot.
P.S. If you have picked up on our board combination to enter the rekaveri, please share these keys so that other users can easily use them.

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The commands for entering the mode on galaxy s4 are
1. turn off the phone
2. press power key, volume up key and home key simultaneously
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Thank you very much, everything turned out, the smart phone will reboot. The combination is correct. Only need to turn off the beginning of the smartphone, then when you turn on simultaneously press the ON + volume + menu. Smartphone goes into its original state. All success !!!
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How to remove parent control password
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