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How can I set the WiFi connection priority?

Android internet connec priority


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For more than a data connection you have, it is always best to seek a Wi-Fi network to connect to navigate from your mobile device. However, there are times when you leave our device by choosing the appropriate network is made, it is not the best option.

What happens is that when we saved several nearby Wi-Fi connection, the device is usually connected to them, but not always the one with the best signal, so it must be done manually, and that can be a nuisance.

So what to do in that situation? It is advisable to prioritize the available networks, to connect us to give us the best stability in the connection. And the process of prioritization of Wi-Fi networks in Android, is as follows:

Enter the settings of Android and then go to the Wi-Fi option.

Once we enter the Wi-Fi networks, we press the menu button in the lower right corner of the screen, and click on the Advanced Configuration Wi-Fi.

Immediately, we will see a list of options, of which one must be attentive to two. The first is 'Avoid weak links’, which activate in order to discard the Wi-Fi connections poor signal in the place where you are. The second option is "Prioritization Wi-Fi ‘, where we can set the priority of each connection available.

To sort the list, we have to do is press and hold on the arrow next to each Wi-Fi networkAfter a little less than two seconds, you'll move the connection up or down, depending on the order you decide to set for each of the connections.

Please note that the icons on the Wi-Fi networks each signal shown are not real-time, so you should not ignore if they appear just 1 April lit bars.

And that was it. It is a fairly simple procedure, but it could prove very useful for those who are in an office with access to multiple networks Wi-Fi in the building, but only a few of them actually arrives with the force necessary to establish a stable connection.

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