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Good, I've been a couple of weeks now and then, when I have a call, they do not listen to me and I do, I call back and I have no problems.

I did it once last week and again today, although I speak very little over the phone.

What can be? Problems with the network, the sim, or can it also be problems with the iPhone?

I'm worried it's the iphone's microphone.

I have ios 10.3 and tomorrow when I can update to ios 10.3.1 to see if it is solved like that, has anyone else happened to it?

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It had happened to me before.

What I did was disable the 4G for calls (and activate it only for data) and it has not happened again.

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I have it set up in that way that you say
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In fact it has happened to me again a couple of times ...

I have checked what happens to me when I have not used the phone for a while and a call comes in. I do not know if it will be my problem or the operator (orange)

and it is solved by hanging and waiting for the call to enter again (or doing it myself)

The same is to have activated the WiFi calls?
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I have vodafone. The times that he has done it to me has always been in the same place, with the coverage not very good but neither bad.

It also solves me hanging and calling again.

Since I updated to ios 10.3.1 it has not happened to me again, although it may be soon, since I do it every 10 days approximately.

I also put the operator manually instead of automatically, since a couple of years ago I had bad coverage in my house with the iphone 5 and orange, and it improved in this way.

Where are the calls activated by wifi? to check
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If your operator does not allow you have to go to Settings -> Phone -> Calls over Wi-Fi
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Thanks, but I do not see calls by wi-fi inside the phone, so I guess my operator does not allow it.
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