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I changed the battery of the iphone 6s in a store and since they put it to me, I do not get the battery statistics. Could you tell me why this happens? I have already tried to format and it is not solved. Thank you very much!!

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As the iPhone message says, Charge the iPhone to 100? And even then they do not appear after disconnecting the charger?

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One question regarding the change of battery, you noticed that it improved the consumption. I also have a 6s and I want to change it because it did not spend more than 4 hours of use, but I do not know if it is a battery issue or it is the operating system. How is it going?
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The same thing happened to me in iOS 11.1 was at 50% and went down to 17% restored as new iPhone and then calibrate the battery and now it goes well.
But how many cycles does your battery have? You have tried to see if the battery is damaged with the Battery Life application and thus you leave doubts.
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One question, is it true that the best thing for the battery is to always keep it between 20 and 80% in order to damage it as little as possible? Or every X time you have to charge 100%?
Thank you
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Apart from what the partner says, that can also happen to you if you have rebooted it after loading it for example, and until it does not reload 100% it does not appear again.
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The same thing happened to me and the only thing that helped me was to calibrate the battery.
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Comets if with all the councils you can solve the problem.
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I advise you to spend 90 euros and change it in Apple, the phone works holy hand
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