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A few nights ago I discovered that at less than 12 º C the flash did not work (even forced in "yes" position). Once I got home, it worked again. I asked for an appointment at Apple Barcelona and they told me it was the first case they heard. They changed the terminal to me but it continues acting the same. I already know several cases in different world forums. Does anyone know more cases? I invite you to take the test please and comment here. If it is confirmed, it will be necessary to get Apple to solve this problem. Thank you

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The Flash of the camera?

Running perfect on an iPhone 8 Plus.

I remember it perfectly because just yesterday we were taking pictures at night and in the car commenting on the cold, we saw that we were at 4º.

However, tonight I'll try it again and I'll confirm it.

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If it works well, you can tell me in which country the terminal is bought, because mine came from the United States and I'm afraid it has something to do ...
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I tried it yesterday (again at about 4º) and the flash worked perfectly.

Bought in Spain.

A greeting.
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thank you very much
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