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Hi , it turns out that the 3d touch does not work ... you tighten the app and only the option to delete the apps, no trace of the quick menu ...

Does anyone know onsabe what can it be?

Thank you....

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See if you have it disabled in:

Settings / general / accessibility / 3D touch

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Yes, it's activated ... thanks
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Does it happen in all the app? There are some that do not have 3D touch function
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Yes, it happens to me in all, I already tried with the sensitivity in the 3 levels
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Do you press firmly and strongly on the App?
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Yes, I've tried hard, slower, anyway ...

always does the same...

only gives option to delete apps
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Try to deactivate, then activate it again and restart the iPhone.
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make a hard reset
If it's an iphone x: press volume up, then lower volume and then keep pressing the lock button until it goes out and the apple goes out
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