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How to configure the Android Smart Lock connection to a PC with Bluetooth

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Our devices often can reveal a lot of personal and private information in case of loss or theft. It is vital to always keep our users protected and away from preventing unauthorized information that they can access it, so it is advisable to lock your device with a code that prevents its use.
One of the major developments that have come with the new version of Android is Smart Lock. This technology allows you to configure trusted devices so if we are near one phone will be unlocked automatically avoiding the screen unlock pattern or code. This is useful to set a smartwatch or computer so that whenever we are near it the device is unlocked but if we go out to the street or lose it will not be possible without the corresponding unlock code.
In this article we will explain how to configure a Smart Lock connection with a computer via Bluetooth so that whenever you are near your computer will automatically unlock the smartphone avoiding having to enter the code or standard.
To do this first thing to do is access the setup menu and enter our smartphone in "security". Here we will see the entry for Smart Lock. Click on it to begin configuration.
We can see that we can set two different types of smart unlock. The first one allows us to link a device via Bluetooth or NFC to unlock the smartphone and the second face recognition so that whenever our face is detected shall automatically unlocked. As this second option is quite insecure will use the first one.
We will see a window with the associated devices and + button to add new ones.
If we have not yet configured this feature will not have any paired device. Click on the + button to add a new one. In the next window you can choose whether to use the Bluetooth or NFC connection to connect to this device. Choose Bluetooth.
In the next step we appear all Bluetooth devices that we've connected (if your PC does not appear we must connect to it from the Bluetooth Manager before you can configure this feature).
Click on it and automatically the device to the list of trusted devices is added. From this moment whenever we have our computer near Lock Smart unlock the device automatically, otherwise, when we are not near your PC automatically lock and need the code or unlock pattern to use it.

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Solution doesn't work with my Samsung-SM-J320 smartphone.  Phone shows connected to my laptop (and laptop shows phone in bluetooth connected list) and smart lock shows the laptop in its trusted devices list list as well.  But, when I click on the laptop to add it as a 'trusted' device, I get the message, "Can't add device" along with instruction to connect the phone to the device!
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