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Solution to Error while retrieving information from server [RPC:S-3: AEC-0]” and [RPC:S-7: AEC-0]?

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its really irritating me please help me if all possible i really don't wanna lose all my stuff..thankyou

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why am i getting this error is there anyway i can fix this problem ??  My phone is not letting me download anything, i keep getting this error while retrieving from server [RPC:S-7:AEC-0]

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Before you continue reading, you notice the error code red title: just use this solution if you are getting an error with the same code, BUT NO. And it's serious; other codes represent different errors, and each requiring a different solution.

However, the RPC error: S-3 usually occurs after upgrading to a new version of Android and want to install an update to any application that came from the factory, usually occurs with Facebook, and this happens because the old application was not intended for the brand new features of the new Google Play.

The error RPC error: S-7  is appearing lately too but it is unclear the reason why is generated.

There are two methods to solve both errors disseminated...

Method 1. Level: Easy

First we must eliminate our Google account settings on this device. We are going to: Settings> Accounts> Google> Remove Account.

Then, we will:

  • Settings> Applications  > All> Downloads > delete data.
  • Settings> Applications  > All> Play Store > delete data.
  • Settings> Applications  > All>  Google Services Framework (or if they have it in English: Google Service Framework)> delete data.
  • We turn off the device. Turn it on again. We are going to Settings> Accounts> Add Account, and checked again. Then we go to the Play Store and it should work.

If this method did not you come to work...

Method 2. Level: Advanced / Technical

I ask you to read carefully the steps, because the solution is a bit technical: as the procedure recommended by those who managed to solve it is to go to Android Store and download the APK application file manually using the browser's own phone or tablet. If the download does not work from the device, you have to download it to your PC and copy it to the device using the USB cable to the folder download from external memory (microSD).

The Facebook app is the one most commonly generating this error, so the tutorial will focus on solving the case of Facebook, but changing the download files can be applied to almost any application that is giving you this problem.

If your problem is with the Facebook application, you will be able download the APK file from this site, version 3.8 is what we want:

Download Facebook 3.8 APK from Android Drawer


If the application that gives you problems is another, here I share a minitutorial so you can download the APK file:

How to download APK files from Google Play Store

Once we have the APK file on your Android device, to run it we'll have to, first, to enable the installation from Unknown Sources , going to Settings> Security> and mark the box to the Unknown Sources option. In some versions, rather Security, this option may be within or Options Applications Developer.



Then with the Android file manager or any application that we could lose to handle files (Recommended: ES File Explorer File Manager or Total Commander ) will find the APK file you downloaded. If you downloaded from the device itself, surely it is in the Downloads folder (folder: sdcard / download). If copied via USB, you should have copied to that folder

Simply open the APK file with a twist and when prompted to do, we must choose INSTALL.

If we come to realize that we had installed version is newer than the APK, we cancel for now, go to Settings> Applications> seek APK and uninstalled. Reboot the device. We return to the Downloads folder, and now, to install the version you downloaded.

At the end, we open the application and we log into Facebook with your username and password provided. We close the application and restart the device again. Now let's Play Store to check for updates, and it should work fine again.

When finished, do not forget to return to disable the option to accept “Unknown Sources" for added security.

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