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I am getting "Package file is invalid" on my Samsung Galaxy S4, How can I solve this error?

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This error started appearing in August on some computers with Android 4.2 when trying to download applications from the store Play Store.

It arises from an update to the Google Play application August 2013, apparently 4.3.10. This error appears randomly and at the attempt to download or update any application. Some have noticed that if retried during the day, perhaps you this error to the late night but no longer appears. And it happens but we are looking to download the application to be fully valid.

In Google already know the error and figure apparently marked as Resolved:  [# 10230007] "Package File Invalid" error when downloading or updating apps , but still not an update that fixes the problem was launched.

For now it seems that there is no definitive solution to the problem, and it is recommended to those who suffer is that reattempt downloading applications at different times of day to do it. And ALWAYS DOWNLOAD APPLICATIONS USING WIFI, no networks 3G / 4G data , since I've read that many users in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador have this problem with plans to Telefónica, where they say that their plans are "Navigation" and not Downloads. Anything else you can try, is that if the house WIFI does not work, go to work, or the bar, to the house of a relative / friend / partner / neighbor or the nearest place with WIFI , and if WIFI is a non-public and have to ask for the password, better yet , try it with that connection and see if you can download applications; and discuss whether this will solve the problem too

Meanwhile we still only are aware application updates from Google Play, and clear your cache and data, and uninstall updates before upgrade to the final version, to also correct erroneous data that could be from the previous version.

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