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What are the main differences between OpenVPN and IPsec VPN?

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IPsec OpenVPN
VPN technology standard Not compatible with IPsec
Hardware platforms (devices, appliances) Only in computers, but in all available operating systems are beginning to be devices with OpenVPN
Known and proven technology Tested and continues to grow
Many graphical interfaces available No professional graphics interfaces, although there are some promising projects
Changing the IP stack complex Simple technology
Requiring modifications to the kernel reviews Network interfaces and standardized packages
Need administrator permissions Runs in user space and can be chroot-ed
Different implementations from different vendors may be incompatible with each other Standard encryption technologies
Complex configuration and complex technology Easy, well-structured, modular technology and ease of configuration
Steep learning curve Easy to learn and implement (even for beginners)
Need to use multiple ports and protocols in the firewall Use only one port of the firewall
Problems with dynamic addresses at both ends Work with dynamic server names like DynDNS or No-IP with fast and transparent reconnection
Security issues IPsec technologies SSL / TLS encryption standard
  Traffic control (Traffic shaping)
  Speed ​​(20 Mbps over 1Ghz machines)
  Support firewall and proxies
  No problem with NAT (both sides can be NATed boxes networks)
  Possibilities for road warriors


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