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What are these errors?

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Just a few days ago that Google began rolling out updates OTA (Over The Air) for almost all Nexus terminals and we have the first bugs in this version of the operating system.

One of the first errors reported is related to the new flashlight feature is that if we turn our terminal and not disconnected, it turns off by itself after a few minutes. If you then try to open the camera application, we realize that stopped working also in the time when the flashlight went out.

Both applications only return to normal operation if restart the terminal. This error mainly affects the Nexus 5 and this bug does not appear to affect the Nexus 4 in the same way. In this case, we find that if we turn on the flashlight app, it does not go out alone as the Nexus 5, but it stays on for as long as we want. However, the camera will stop working after a few minutes. The solution in the case of the Nexus 4 is more comfortable because the camera works again if it opens again from the lock screen and will not need to restart the system completely.

On the other hand, it has also encountered a problem when we have to close the applications recently used with this new version of the system. A priori, we can see that as we go sliding each of the applications, they are closing without apparent problem. But once you've closed all of them, if we show open applications, we see that again we have an open application, the system chosen by random. When we remove and re-display the application switcher, we redisplay another open application, this happening again several times. We can clearly see in the video below (See video).

These errors are added problems with Wi-Fi networks, which has already reported some users who have upgraded their phones. It seems that this could happen to a small group of users but the truth is that they have encountered the problem of not being able to connect to a WIFI network already found. The problem does not know what is due, but say with earlier versions had no such problems. So the fault is discarded at the hardware level.

Other complaints also come to notice some significant changes that are at first sight in this update as certain options have been removed and do not make much sense. For example, something that stands out is that the start menu has disappeared becoming one option or the inability to manage the connection or disconnection via widgets.

It seems that Google may be working to correct these errors and could have a lollipop upgrade path, but there is no way of knowing how much will have to wait.

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