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How to slow motion video in iPhone 6

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The first step is to open the 'Camera' app on your iPhone. As you know, is the same that you use to do normal or panoramic photographs and videos at normal speed.
After opening the application of 'House', as normal is displayed as you see in the picture accompanying this text, ie, with the option to 'Picture' in the center, by default. Thus, what you would do if you pulsases the button would be a photograph. To make a slow motion video with the iPhone 6, you have to do is slide your finger so that the center left 'Slow Motion'.
The way you see in the picture is as it should be the implementation of 'House' to record a video in slow motion. You can see that a legend appears in the center with that configuration. On the right, appears '240 fps', meaning that 240 frames per second, with the result that the video will be made in slow motion. To start recording, simply press the red button.
At the top of the screen you will see the second video you wear prints, in this case 4 seconds. To finish recording, all you have to do is click again on the red button.
If you go to the Photos application on your iPhone 6 You can now see your video in slow motion. This will create an album under the name of 'Slow Motion' and that all videos from this mode are saved.
You'll have the option to share your video in slow motion for iPhone 6 just as normal pictures or videos you make with your mobile phone.

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