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I do not know if it's a problem or it does it automatically. this morning I noticed that with the charger was charging normally (no fast charge) and then out of curiosity in the work with the battery with something more than 50% I plugged in and again that does not load quickly. I have tried with another original charger the same, nothing fast charging.

I have entered the options where quick charge is selected "yes \ no" in position of "if (activated)" when plugging the charger it deactivates automatically.

It is not very strange, I do not know if it is normal and sansumg automatically decides that today nothing is fast loading or happening. Because I already tell you that I have two original chargers and it happens to me with both ... Very strange

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Was the phone hot?

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I think normal, x?
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I just tried again and now it loads quickly. So it's clear that the phone was hot or active and that's why I do not charge. But I'm still calm sea .. Hehe
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I think the fast charge is when a percentage of the battery is low, I do not know how much, but I also do the same and that's when I have a low battery
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Keep in mind that after the scandal of note 7 this phone must have such a large number of battery protections that I would not pay attention to it if it charges well and is ready.
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