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2 months ago WhatsApp stopped working on my L70 because of an update that was never completed. So I decided to uninstall the application and install it again, from the Play Store and downloading the apk, but every time it tells me that I have insufficient space and the truth is that I have a lot of space, since I ran out of applications and tried many ways , and only happens with WhatsApp (68mb), I have downloaded heavier applications, like facebook for example, and are installed correctly. If someone could help me in this

I currently have 260mb of free space

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Now you have 260 mb (obviously will not let you install), how much space did you have before installing Facebook ?, because if you could install it, this is generating data and it becomes an app with a monstrous weight, so it is gone removing everything and now you can not install anymore.

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I uninstalled Facebook, I just tried to install it to see that the problem was not from the Play Store, then uninstalled it and logically Facebook weighs much more than WhatsApp, WhatsApp weighs about 70mb and I have them, I do not know why it does not install
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same is not because of the physical space, but because the memory is very full, you have tried to do nothing else restart the mobile ???
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Hi. In settings go to storage and there in internal storage touch cache storage and accept to clean. A good amount of memory will be released. Greetings.
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