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How to download files faster in the Samsung Galaxy S5

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How to download files faster in the Samsung Galaxy S5
1-First we slide down the notification bar mobile. To do this we simply have to click on the top of the screen and holding your finger on the screen, we slide down. At that time we will open the notification menu.
2-From here we activate both WiFi connection such as 3G or 4G connection.
3-Once you have activated both connections, the next thing to do is swipe left section of the icons of fast adjustments. This means we click on any of the icons on the notification bar and, while holding down the finger slipped icons to the left.
4-Then we should see what appears to us an option of quick adjustment with lightning icon. Click on this icon and the phone will ask you to confirm you want to activate the ultra-fast downloading.
5-From here we can already download files using this interesting option of the Samsung Galaxy S5. In the notification bar will show us that we are making use of each connectivity when downloading files. We will also show the download speed we are getting to leverage both Internet connectivity to perform the download.
We must not forget that using our data rate to download files we will be consuming a lot of bonus data we have hired. This means that we must be careful when using the optional ultra-fast download, since it is likely to deplete our data rate before the end of the current billing cycle. We could understand this option as an added emergency which may prove useful to us when we need as quickly as possible to download any file type.
In the event that we have an unlimited data rate, undoubtedly this option is perfect for downloading files using all the connections we have at our disposal (see for example at home or at work, where usually accompanied by a WiFi) .
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