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How to fix WV-33899-2 on playstation 4

WV-33899-2 Unable to connect to PlayStation Network ("PSN")

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WV-33899-2 Unable to connect to PlayStation Network ("PSN")
Your console can not connect to the PlayStation Network ("PSN"), please follow the steps below:
Step 1: PlayStation Network services may be temporarily unavailable. Please check the status of PlayStation Network.
Step 2: If PlayStation Network is available, test Internet connection, go to [Settings]> [Network]> [Internet Connection Test] to confirm that you can connect to the Internet.
Step 3: Update the firmware of your router. Please contact the router manufacturer or your Internet Service Provider ("ISP") for help if needed. Turn off other devices connected to your network. If you continue to experience difficulties, please try again later as the PlayStation Network may be experiencing heavy traffic.

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none this work i have sign through the browser
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