How to take a screenshot on Playstation 4 and Playstation 3

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asked Nov 22, 2014 in Sony by eslem (14,060 points)

how to take a screenshot on playstation 4 and playstation 3

can you help i want to take screenshot when i play game on ps4 how can i screen capture on ps4 

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answered Nov 22, 2014 by osky (130,080 points)

Taking a screenshot on playstation 
it is easy to take screen capture 
You can take and save screenshots of many screens, including scenes during games. To take a screenshot, press the PS button and the START button simultaneously.
You can see the screenshots taken (photos).
To take a screenshot, you must have a memory card *.
For the system PCH-1000 series, you must have a memory card inserted in the PS Vita system.
You may be unable to take screenshots in some applications or parts of applications.

commented Nov 19, 2016 by BaelRathLian (140 points)
EPIC FAIL!  Does not work for any PS3 newer models.  I have / had 2 "fatboy" and one slim units.   This worked on NONE of them.   Nor did it work on my friends PS3.
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