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I can not download any game play store due to error ([DF-SA-01])

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 Settings > Apps > press menu button > Reset app preferences
Play Store.  Settings > Apps again, swipe to the "All" view, and find Play Store. stop and clear data.
open Play Store again from the recent apps screen.

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I hear  also appears [DF-SA-01] and delete data from google play store but I always get download insufficient space on the device and have much free memory that I can do?
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Settings>Apps>All, select Google Play Store, and Clear Cache/Clear Data, then Force Stop. 

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It is possible that the following error appears in the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone or tablet:
"Failed to retrieve information from the server: [DF-SA-01]"
If your also in the Google Play Store will receive these errors on your Android smartphone / tablet, then you can try your following approach which fixes a rule this problem.
On this point, following these steps:
Step 1: data and cache of the Google Play Store Clear
Navigate to on your smartphone in the settings and then click "Application Manager". Then changes to the "All" tab, and then look for "Google Play Store". Tapping the entry, if you find him hatbt on to open the app information. So you see more buttons. Expresses this in the following order:
  • Force stop
  • Clear cache
  • Delete data
After you've tapped the three buttons, you can close the app information and proceed to the next step:
Step 2: Reset app preferences
You still find yourself now in Application Manager on the "All". Typing now top right at the three-point icon and then "Reset App Preset" on. A note message. This can "undo app" with be confirmed.
Finished! If your the Google Play store now opens on your Android smartphone, the "Failed to retrieve information from the server: [DF-SA-01]" error should no longer appear.
If that did not work, you can still try the following:
Uninstall updates the Google Play Store: Step 3
Navigate again to Settings -> Application Manager -> tab "All" -> Google Play Store
Typing this time "Uninstall updates" button on. Then the phone will reboot. Opening the Google Play store should now without the error DF-SA-01 be possible.
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