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Less than a week ago I just buy it, this is my first phone with Android, and good the first 3 days if it worked well and then I do not know because I do not work out. Now completely reboot the phone and the modem and still not working. Other cell if you can connect. Any idea why it no longer works?

lg optimus 9 wifi not working

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Hello, same happens to me, there is not even the wifi in my house or when a network is not connected. No problem of password ... because I do not get connected to my home wifi, or network or free labor or anything. I released the mobile I did a reboot ... not sure if it that or continuous firmware updates that come to me ...

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Something bad must put in the configuration of the wireless network. Network name, password and encryption. Make sure everything matches, both the router and the mobile. See if there is any point wrong, or some tiny it should be capitalized, or some O should be a ZERO, ELE some should be a ONE, one should be a BE EIGHT ...
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is the version of android 4.0 or later has some connection problems is better than the bands or the telephone company will send you to repair or change it
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and WED ... That was no problem rear android terminal ... Smartass he understood that going in ...
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