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How to Install Mac OS X Lion using the UniBeast USB memory

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The first step is to buy the Mac OS X Lion operating system, because it's not free. The easiest way is to download the app from the AppStore. If you experience any problems during installation, you can just download it again by following these steps.
Create a removable boot memory using UniBeast. To do so, read the following article.
You're almost done! Now you need to install Mac OS X Lion. To do this, simply boot from the USB drive. Your hard drive should be set in the BIOS to AHCI mode. For BIOS settings and screen shots recommended, check out iBoot + MultiBeast.
If you have a Gigabyte motherboard press F12 to select the boot device. Choose USB-HDD.
In the Chimera boot screen, select USB. You may need to include some extra commands to finish the installation.
AMD Radeon 6670 - tipea PCIRootUID = 0
Unsupported graphics - type GraphicsEnabler = No
Boot in Single-user mode - type -s
Boot in Verbose mode - type -v
Boot in Safe mode - type -x
Arriving at the installation, choose the language. If you are updating an existing Snow Leopard installation, skip to step 10.
At the top of the menu select 'Utilities' and open 'Disk Utility'. Highlight your target hard drive to install Lion on the left column and make click on the 'Partition' tab.
Click on the "current" folder and select a partition; press 'Options ...' and select the GUID partition method.
In name write 'Lion' (you can change it later) and in format, Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Click 'Apply' and later in 'Partition'. Close 'Disk Utility'.
When the installer asks you where you want to install, select 'Lion', or the existing installation. Once completed, restart the computer.
The installation is complete, but the unit can not be started yet. Boot from the USB, this time select 'Lion'.
If you have a Gigabyte motherboard, press F12 to select the boot device. Choose USB-HDD and the boot screen 'Chimera', choose your new Lion installation.
After installation by MultiBeast, read the following article on what to do after installing Mac OS X Lion using MultiBeast.
Congratulations! It took a little bit but you have already installed Mac OS X Lion.
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