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How to delete photos from Picasa to your photo gallery on Samsung TouchWiz

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In recent days, one of our followers on Twitter, I sought help us to delete photos in Picasa photo gallery from your Android phone with TouchWiz so here I share the help we provide.
To begin we must first disable the synchronization of images from Picasa to your Google account on Android. To do this we must go to Settings on your mobile and search the area of Accounts.
Once in the area of Accounts choose Google and see the following screen:
Once inside choose our Google account as you see in the picture above and we will open the following screen:
This screen will look where it says Sync Picasa Web Albums and made sure that the box is checked no. Thus TouchWiz Gallery images will not add this.
But that's not all because even deactivate the synchronization gallery of TouchWiz will continue presenting the images in Picasa that you see present. It's as if they refuse to leave those memories behind, almost Fatal Attraction with Picasa Galleries. So almost like the Men in Black but the device looks like a suppository evil we erase the memory of Gallery Touchwiz.
To do this we must now turn to the device area in the settings of your mobile and press on the application manager:

once inside the Application Manager must move the ALL tab that displays all the applications and seek the implementation of TouchWiz Gallery


Once we push the Gallery application see the following screen:


Once inside press the button Clear Data and Clear Cache. It should work with the press Clear Cache but in my experience there are times when it does not work just using that option. I leave it to your discretion if it does not work using both.
Now, that's all. Make sure to close the gallery and re-open when the images should not be present in your Picasa gallery.

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