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How to optimize my speed 4G network

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The easiest way to optimize the speed of 4G network your way is to download a specific app that helps you achieve your goal. One that works best Internet Speed Master.
 To download the application, go to the Play Store and enter in the search field "Internet Speed Master". The app appears in the results and you just have to download it.
 Open the app: see three options appear. First we do not care (that is to return to baseline once you've done something). After two, depending on whether you are root or not. (If you're wondering if you are, you do not, all root users know they are).
 As a non-root user, click on the last option Improve Internet Connection.Ready! You should notice that your connection is much faster.
 The app developers themselves warn that it may not allow the mobile operator to increase the connection speed, so if you do not notice anything is with them with whom they have contact.

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