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How to delete links from the address bar

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All Internet browsers are remembering the sites you visit, and then out the links that appear when you start typing an address. To not appear, therefore, it is necessary to remove browsing history and cookies.
If you're using Chrome as your browser, go to the three horizontal lines on the top right and then select More Tools> Clear browsing data. There, select what you want to remove, making sure the Browsing History and Cookies are selected. Click on Clear browsing data and restart your browser.
In Firefox, go to the button in the upper right corner with three horizontal lines, select Tools> Clear Recent History. In the window that opens, add "All" Time range to clear and mark what you want to delete. Browsing History and Cookies must be marked. Click Clear Now and restart your browser.
If you are in Internet Explorer, go to Tools> Internet Options> Delete browsing history. In the window that opens shows the different options for things you can delete. Go clicking on the corresponding (Delete Files, Delete Cookies and Delete History are required) buttons. Restart the browser.
If you use Safari, go to Tools> Clear History. A window asking you to confirm, do it opens. Then go to Settings> Privacy and click Delete all data from websites. Confirm and when finished, reboot.

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