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How to install official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean on the Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 and root


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Here we show you step by step how you can install the final official firmware for Samsung Galaxy S II, ie Android Jelly Bean version XWLS8. I have decided to explain all the steps because I think we are too impatient to reach our update via OTA or Kies bicitos. So enjoy, because the jump to ICS JB is truly important.

Install the latest version of Android

Let's start almost straight to the point, we all know that means Android Jelly Bean for our Samsung Galaxy S II and if not we'll know soon. But for now, I must be cautious and some "spoilers" warning to all public that we are not responsible for anything happen to your bad bugs. That is, we show how to do it, but the use and the results we may obtain it fall on your responsibility . If you want to work in another terminal do not hesitate to visit Rooting .

Previous steps

To begin it is recommended that a backup of all our data are not in the cloud and have enough battery charge. It is also very important that the installation process is not interrupted.




If you're a long time using the same version, and you have installed or it makes many applications would perform the appropriate cleaning recomedable. We can do this by rebooting in Recovery (Volume Up + Mode Home + Power ) and performing a 'Wipe data factory reset' . This step is highly recommended if you come from no ROM's based versions Sammy, ie AOKP or Cyanogen.

It would also be interesting to conduct a 'Wipe cache partition' , 'Wipe dalvik cache' in 'Advanced' and make all the 'Format' to 'Mounts and storage', all in the Recovery Mode a cooked ROM.

We can also make a factory erased by going to Settings / Backup and Restore / Factory data reset.

Before pegaros an incredible roll with all the steps you relief the day saying that once again the crack of Media Dynamics has made ​​a great video tutorial on the installation in question, and there goes Gentlemen


Installing the formal basis

  • Activate the USB Debugging in Settings / Options for development.
  • Open Odin 1.85 , making sure Kies is completely closed.
  • We turn off the phone, reboot into Download Mode (Volume Down + Home + Power ), connect it to PC and volume up to confirm.
  • When connecting the phone with the PC we should see a yellow box in Odin, if not, we will install the Samsung drivers.
  • Unzip the file '. Tar.md5' the official firmware.
  • In Odin will the 'PDA' box and selected the uncompressed file above. We ensure that 'Re-Partition' is unchecked and give it to 'Start' .
  • When the word appears in 'Pass' means that the installation has been successfully completed and our mobile, at which time we disconnect the PC and restart.


  • Copied to the internal and external memory remaining two files , which are temporary and Recovery flashable Root.
  • We turn off and reboot into Recovery Mode .
  • We selected 'Apply update from external storage' and flasheamos file 'CWM' , which will lead to a temporary Recovery Menu with orange letters.
  • Once there, 'Install zip from sdcard "and" Choose zip from sdcard' and flasheamos the file isthe 'Root + Busybox'.
  • Reboot and already have our terminal rooteado .


If our terminal operator was freed and then we will have lost the unlock , so you should follow the steps of the little video tutorial, once again, my friend Dynamic Media below:

I hope you enjoyed it as much as my dear readers. Some time ago I would have had to enjoy is fantastic review of Android for Samsung Galaxy S II, but the saying goes that better late than never . Below these lines I also attached the BricoAndroid yesterday on how to root without Odin in a simple way the Samsung Galaxy S II.


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