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How to reset and restore to factory mode on the Sony Xperia Z1 Z2 and Z3

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As I discussed yesterday, the Xperia Z released into the charts. Probably many of you already may have in your hands and so in this guide to Android, we will learn how to perform the restart and a reset to factory mode Sony Xperia Z.
We explain below, several resources to a possible problem arising from the mobile phone and do not allow us to get it running.
The action called Hard reset or hard reset, what do we have left not only when no other solution to the problem we have.
This can happen as a result of any application or installed incorrectly uninstalled, it does not remember the unlock pattern or password for the phone. That is, any circumstance that blocks mobile and unresponsive.
Remember that the hard reset will erase all data on the phone, before doing so, if possible, it is essential to back up all your data, documents, contacts, messages, files, ringtones, etc.
The first step to take if device is frozen and unresponsive, remove the SIM card and on the home screen, press:
Menu and select Settings → Back up and restore → Factory data reset → Reset phone → Erase everything.
The phone notifies us that if at this moment to press ACCEPT all phone data will be erased.
If this does not work try this second step.
In this model Sony has simplified quite apparent total reset of the phone if the standard option, the previous menu itself through the terminal does not respond.
Suffice it to leave the button on / off the Smartphone for 10-15 seconds. This action will cause a reset of the device to the factory mode.
Note that you can not undo this process and all data on your phone will be erased, so¡ be careful!
Did you find this guide helpful? Have you had to go through this process? Tell us your experience in a comment to a footnote.
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