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How to know if my Mac is consistent with Mountain Lion

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Macs incompatible with Mountain Lion
- 650 and X3100 models iMacs; for the simple fact of bringing integrated graphics card Intel GMA series.
- MacBook Core 2 Duo processor and Intel integrated graphics.
- Post-2007 iMacs.
- Mac Pro mid-2008.
- Mac Mini early 2009.
Macs compatible with Mountain Lion
According to the installer of the operating system, you will be the versions of supported Macs with Mountain Lion:
- Core 2 Duo unibody MacBook with Nvidia graphics end of 2008 and beyond.
- Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro mid-2007 onwards.
- MacBook Air Core 2 Duo with Nvidia graphics end of 2008 and beyond.
- Mac mini Core 2 Duo with Nvidia graphics in early 2009 and onwards.
- Aluminum iMac from mid-2007 onwards.
- Mac Pro 2008 onwards.
- Nehalem Xeon Xserve early 2009.

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