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How to disable double check blue WhatsApp

How to Disable Blue Ticks in WhatsApp

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solution to whatsapp disable double check
1-First, you need to understand the operation of the double check WhatsApp:
  A check: Whatsapp message has been sent.
  Double check: was received.
  Double check blue: it has seen.
Thus, the two ticks or symbols seen in blue reveal that the message has been seen by the other person and, therefore, deduce that it has read. You can read more about it in our article: What is the blue double check WhatsApp.
2-And then how can off double check blue? You can not, unfortunately for many, today is not yet possible to hide this information Whatsapp rebels about when you walk into a conversation.
3-Still, we can confirm you that the double check blue appears only when you enter the conversation of the person in question, ie, if you open the application WhatsApp or are in another conversation, the message does not appear even as if you had read .
4-Therefore, until WhatsApp decides to add the functionality to disable this blue double check, will be impossible to disable the others to see that you have read the messages they send you.
5-However, yes there is a little trick that you can enable to avoid being seen: turn on airplane mode. Thus, without opening the application WhatsApp, when you see that warning notices have conversation, you must turn on your smartphone airplane mode and then go to read the messages.
6-Thus, you'll see everything you've been told not to be sent to the partner notice that you've read, since your phone is temporarily offline (no data or wi-fi) and is not able to communicate WhatsApp's servers that you have read the messages.
7-Also noteworthy is that the blue double check just appear when you have open conversation that person in question and, therefore, it is understood that you have read your posts. For example: if you speak your John and you are within the conversation of Mary, even if you're connected, John did not receive double check but just see what Mary.
8-Also, if you open the list of talks WhatsApp, you appear offline although you have hidden your late connection- but the contacts you talk will not receive double check blue until no pressure conversation.

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