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How to Recover Hotmail Password

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Begin by entering the Hotmail website. You'll find the access panel where you ask for your Microsoft account, ie your email address and password, which you forgot. Therefore you must click on the link that is just below the Login button and it says "Can not access your account?"
 You will be taken to another box where you should indicate what the problem is. In this step, you must press the first option "I forgot my password" button and give next.
 The following box will need to enter your Hotmail email address, or the new system, now called your "Microsoft account". Additionally you must enter the security characters you prompted. Then press the button below.
 In the next step the Hotmail security system requires confirming your identity for you to have to send your password. As you can see in the picture there are two ways to do this, using an alternate email you have entered in your account details Hotmail, or answering the security question. Choose the relevant option and follow the remaining steps of the system to recover your Hotmail password.
 In case you no longer use the account alternative electronic mail that gives you the system or you do not know if you can answer the security question, then you must click on the link beneath the button below and it says "I no longer use." This done, the system will allow you to enter a new email account for the remaining checks and send you your password.

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