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How to fix galaxy s8/s8+ bluetooth problem

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The Galaxy S8 is one of many smartphones that have failures since they are officially launched, the new devices that land on the market usually have problems but as time goes by they are solved. In the case of the Galaxy S8 started with several flaws such as the screen with the reddish tint, problems with the wireless charge, the fast charge does not work well if the smartphone screen is not off andnow the problem with the stability of Bluetooth. You want to know more?

Galaxy S8 Bluetooth Problems

The Galaxy S8, like any other phone that is launched to the market, has numerous output failures, such as when just out on the market several users received the smartphone with a strange red tint on their screens.  This problem is already solved thanks to a software update.  But now other users are complaining that their Galaxy S8 has problems with Bluetooth .

According to a series of messages in some forums, such as Samsung's official forums, some Galaxy S8 owners are having trouble maintaining a stable Bluetooth connection with their headsets . In Samsung official forums users have complained about these same problems, connection failures, disconnection failures , and that are not able to connect their wearables.

The good news is that Samsung has apparently been fast and has already prepared a solution for the Bluetooth problem . The company will perform an update that will solve this problem, improve Bluetooth connectivity and stability . This update will arrive in the coming weeks, although the first that have received it have been the users of the Galaxy S8 of United Arab Emirates. This update can occupy more than 600 megs, so you will surely end up solving more aspects of this terminal, including Bluetooth.


The Galaxy S8 is the first mobile to have the Bluetooth 5.0 , which is faster and offers more quality than the previous version.

So being one of the first smartphones to use this technology is normal that you may have problems at first. Has your Galaxy S8 also had problems with Bluetooth ?

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