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Run the USB ports into virtual machines created with Virtual Box in Ubuntu 11.04,11.10,12.04 LTS, 12.10, 13.04, 13.10

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Since the beginning of my FPGS Multiplatform Application Development, I have been obliged to return to certain subjects unrivaled Microsoft Windows. 
Of course, as he did not want to install it natively, I installed it on a virtual machine with Oracle Virtual Box program. 
After installing Microsoft Windows 7 on it, my surprise was that when trying to connect a USB device (storage in this case, but any type), installation of the driver in the virtual machine failed. 
After searching a bit, I saw that the problem was not the virtual machine itself, but it did not have permissions on the 'vboxusers' Ubuntu group. 
The steps are as follows (from a terminal): 
sudo adduser myuser vboxusers 
sudo usermod -ag vboxusers myuser 
Note: See where it says myusername that must be modified by the characteristic of each. 
Other things I've worried, is to verify that the configuration of the virtual machine itself has the USB tab, the Enable marked Driver 2.0 (EHCI) to enable support for USB 2.0 
On the other hand, also have installed the VirtualBox Guest Additions for graphical support, mouse pointer integration, shared folders, etc.

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