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How to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 without recognizing the imprint

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One of the great innovations that come with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and certainly better protects the terminal and data thieves or curious, is the fingerprint sensor. Samsung, like Apple, has introduced this system to ensure that no one can access without permission to the terminal and therefore their data. 
But of course ... it may happen that the fingerprint sensor fails, well not recognize our footprint because we have made ​​a small cut ... The fact is that Samsung believes there should be an alternative method 'just in case'. Therefore, in addition to the biometric scanner, we have two ways to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 without recognizing fingerprints. 
As we have seen in the video setup fingerprint sensor, when we recorded the first we have to create an alternative password. With that password we can unlock the Galaxy S5 if not well recognize the mark. To this end, the lock screen click on 'Password alternative' and write. 
But then ... What if we took a time with the terminal and not remember? Well we have several attempts until, on returning to the lock screen, the 'Unlock With Google' appears.
This allows us to use the Gmail account assigned to the Galaxy S5 to unlock. So just type the username and password before we see the end of the desktop terminal.

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you must perform a hard reset, check you have the control buttons for volume and turn off the all device, press the button to raise the volume and keep it pressed while pressing the power button and leave it pressed until elapsed between 5 to 10 seconds a menu appears on the screen, there'll be asked if you want to load software from SD, restore factory settings or normal boot
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