How to solve PS4 error CE-32889-0

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asked Oct 19, 2014 in Sony by eslem (14,060 points)
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How to solve PS4 error CE-32889-0

playstation error CE-32889-0 any solution to CE-32889-0

playstation 4 ce-32889-0

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answered Oct 19, 2014 by osky (130,760 points)

It is an error in downloading content, whether that content has already started downloading or have had an error in the same 
  recommended Actions 
1-Go to "Notifications" / "Downloads"; checks if the content is in the list and delete it from the menu options and go back down the new content. 
2 If you can not download the content, make a backup USB or PS online storage, then go to the "safe mode" and rebuild the database "Database 4.Rebulid". When finished, reload the backup you made and retry the download denuevo 
3 If the error persists, you have to go to "Settings" and restart from there the PS4 "
If doing all the steps do not get the download, call the SAT problem can be the hard disk.

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answered Jan 10, 2016 by wikiandroid (10,550 points)


This may be the solution of this problem, for people who have students or other networks:

  1. Check that your connection Internet is good. (Parameter; Network; Testing internet connection)
  2. Then go to the settings and User Guide. An Internet page will open.

Thanks to this method, I was able to put my ID and password for the network opens and the error disappears.

For me the error EC-32889-0 is in made ​​a network error, as network access is blocked, this error will persist.

commented Jan 10, 2016 by anonymous
So there thank you very much friend I wondered for weeks how to fight against this problem student connection and obligation to open a browser first!
commented Jan 10, 2016 by anonymous
Thank you thank you !!! merciii...
I am also student residence and I have the same problem! your solution rocks!! Thank you again !!
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