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How to solve PS4 error CE-32889-0

playstation error CE-32889-0 any solution to CE-32889-0

playstation 4 ce-32889-0

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It is an error in downloading content, whether that content has already started downloading or have had an error in the same 
  recommended Actions 
1-Go to "Notifications" / "Downloads"; checks if the content is in the list and delete it from the menu options and go back down the new content. 
2 If you can not download the content, make a backup USB or PS online storage, then go to the "safe mode" and rebuild the database "Database 4.Rebulid". When finished, reload the backup you made and retry the download denuevo 
3 If the error persists, you have to go to "Settings" and restart from there the PS4 "
If doing all the steps do not get the download, call the SAT problem can be the hard disk.

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This may be the solution of this problem, for people who have students or other networks:

  1. Check that your connection Internet is good. (Parameter; Network; Testing internet connection)
  2. Then go to the settings and User Guide. An Internet page will open.

Thanks to this method, I was able to put my ID and password for the network opens and the error disappears.

For me the error EC-32889-0 is in made ​​a network error, as network access is blocked, this error will persist.

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So there thank you very much friend I wondered for weeks how to fight against this problem student connection and obligation to open a browser first!
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Thank you thank you !!! merciii...
I am also student residence and I have the same problem! your solution rocks!! Thank you again !!
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