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How to delete folder "Auto Backup" in Android? (SOLVED)

Hi I commented my problem I have a tablet samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 '
And today I suddenly appeared an album called AUTO BACKUP with a rather humiliating photo and does not leave me the option to remove me only comes SHARE AND PUT BACKGROUND DETAILS attempt delete it and for me it is impossible 
how to delete auto backup folder in gallery tab 2

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Possibly due to some malicious app you have installed. Browse the installed applications and delete the ones you see that you have not installed your

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good, you have the root terminal?
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Go to Settings > Application Manager > Gallery. Now Tap on 'Clear Data'. It will delete all photos.
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Thanks man it work.
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by doing this, does it clear all the pictures, or just the ones in the auto backup folder?
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Login to google+ on your PC.
go to photos, you'll be able to see all your albums there.
Click on the arrow on the extreme right end top of the album.
Select all your photos and click on option move to bin.
you can later empty your bin.
All your photos will be deleted and you'll not see any auto backup folder on your android device.

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perfect!!!   Yes!!!  You helped me out!! Thank you!!!  :)
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