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How to avoid being robbed on Wi-Fi

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We continue with the security, but this time on the router. The Wi-Fi is certainly something that we use often, and inevitably increasing. Therefore, we keep it safe as it is like an open door to viruses and thieves of personal data such as passwords credit card or social networks. Many people think that by having the safest encryption password or having long from the factory has a secure router, but it does not.

Before we start with the tutorial learn some important concepts:
1.SSID: Service Set identifie, is something of a mix of alphanumeric characters with a maximum of 32 digits identify the function of any wireless connection. Speaking in silver, is the name of the Wi-Fi.
2.Puerta default link is the link between two wireless networks. Typically, it is the IP of the main router, which is usually

To change any router settings we must first know the door quite easily link something, ie the IP of the router. We can easily find out from Windows by following these steps:
1-Open Run from the Start menu or press Windows + R keys simultaneously and enter cmd


2.When is opened we write ipconfig interface.

3-Look where you put Default Gateway; is usually

How to increase security

Change the type of the key seguirdad

The kind of security we use is essential. Normally we have several security types to choose from:

No Security: This type of "security" need not explain it. Get the free Wi-Fi at the mercy of whoever who set it up. Could not someone just come and take away bandwidth, but that person could deny us access to us or get a password; plus it could happen to us at any time any virus.

WEP is a type of low-level security. It's the kind of security that may violate anyone. Even a child or someone who does not understand much about computers with the right software could find out.

WPA: Medium security level. More of the same, it's pretty easy to use.


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WPA2: High security. Although the type of high security can always find the key if we know how. Some people say that you can not find or can only be ascertained if someone is connected, but I've done it, and I am no hacker. It is the best type of security.

WPA / WPA2 is a type of mixed security. Just use WPA on computers that do not support WPA2.

To change the type of security we go to our favorite browser and enter -Google Chrome- Once there we go to Wireless> Security. After changing the security type you have to change the password.




Change the password

The key that is predetermined by the operator often follows a pattern and therefore if it is discovered that all keys are useless router model. So it is best to change it and prevented. The new password should contain both numbers and letters, upper and lowercase, possibly of 32 digits, which is the maximum of characters-and WPA-PSK. Never be used phrases, names or phone numbers because by chance they can be discovered.

If you already changed the password nailed the weekly or monthly, as you do that your neighbor will remove the desire to be hacking into your Wi-Fi every seven days, with work that entails.

Make filter by MAC

To make it even more invincible the security of our Wi-Fi, we can tell the router MAC addresses that we want to access the router, which is already explained at the time.

Hiding the SSID

We can also make our Wi-Fi is hidden from the eyes of others, so do not know our SSID may not, do not even try to figure out the password, so we will change the name of the Wi-Fi and put a more fetched.

To connect to a Wi-Fi we enter the hidden SSID, password and encryption.


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Change the administrator password

Last but not least, we have to change the admin password on your router to prevent other "do us the favor" of configuring the router for ourselves.

The common passwords are usually 1234 or admin, the user being equal. Similarly, we can see which is looking at the back of your router, although in some router simply does not appear, so we will have to contact our Internet dealer.

Unfortunately, we'll never get to do that no one can enter our router, so we need to optimize our security. Perhaps the carriers should ignore the ADSL and optical fiber and move to 4G.

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